I’m just a thankful woman living by the ocean in Los Angeles with my sweet husband Jimmy Bluff and our two FurBluffs.

I have been a flight attendant for over fifteen years- I know about making quick and convenient meals that travel well. At 39, the last 7 years of my life have been vegan and incredible!

I’m a former figure and bikini ( bodybuilding ) competitor with a focus on plantbased protein to maintain some muscle as the sands pass through the hourglass. I love animals ( I don’t eat them you know…) farmer’s markets, 80’s music, playing in the gym and running outside, dancing badly for no specific reason and I break in to a sprint when I see spotty ripe bananas on sale at the grocery store! That’s me. A supernerd who people mistake for cool because I wear lipstick and find funky cruelty free vegan shoes to show off. *You’ll find links on the home page for makeup and fashion, too!  My passion is finding something beautiful and fun in everyday. And food. I love food.