I can’t recall exactly when I became aware of my discomfort with eating animals. It just didn’t feel ‘right’ to me. I never liked the sight of blood. Or finding a bruise on my chicken breast. Or a watching a vein snap back on my flank steak. They were actually signs of a life that ended on my plate and in my mouth. It was years of trying to push it out of my mind and continue to eat a ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’ daily diet that caused me so much anxiety-it was really such a burden to pretend that I didn’t know I was indirectly killing animals. I couldn’t possibly hurt one myself but I was paying someone to do the dirty work whenever I ordered a grilled chicken salad. I eventually tapered off in my early 30’. I easily cut down to fish, hardboiled eggs and yogurt, since I didn’t have a real desire for ‘hearty’ meat. However, I CAN recall what happened that made me realize that I didn’t want or need eggs and dairy in my life anymore. I read Skinny Bitch. That book changed my life.

I had picked up Skinny Bitch not knowing that it was Vegan propaganda. I actually just loved the title. I say ‘Fuck’ a lot. So, of course I’m drawn to cursing! That book led me to read ‘Slaughterhouse’. That’s when my priority shifted from my own health and a desire to be slim to ‘why the fuck would anyone trust the USDA’? And ‘how can we support this abuse of innocent animals’? I really believe it takes only one undercover factory farm video to make it clear how horrific our food industry is in the United States.

I just thought to myself ‘No. I can’t be a part of this.’ And that was it. I cannot even explain how much better I felt instantly. Just making the decision made me feel lighter emotionally. I can compare it to the anguish of keeping an awful secret for years ( as in my discomfort with meat that I tried to ignore ) and now that weight, that burden, is finally gone. I set myself free. And it feels amazing! My temperament actually became so much more pleasant. It’s pretty difficult to piss me off these days because well, because I’m happy. Happy with my choices and how I live daily.  I want everyone to know the feeling of living exactly how YOU really want to.

It has been a 7 year journey to find a balance in life. That means adjusting to new foods AND social situations ( people who aren’t vegan can be very aggressive in drawing you in to argue or trying to ‘prove you’re wrong’ ) I’ve learned to be creative dining out by ordering side dishes and maaayybeeeee having a square of tempeh in my purse to add to my salad… I’ve learned that you ALWAYS bring a vegan dish to any dinner or gathering at someone’s home so that you-

1. Have something delicious and healthy to eat.

2. You’re never disappointed because everything is smothered in cheese.

3. You look super sweet by bringing something for everyone to share.

I never want to be that pain in the ass vegan who expects the host to make a special meal just for moi. A party host is busy enough! Don’t be that vegan who makes people hate vegans. Veganism is not a food allergy. It’s a conscious choice.  That’s what makes it special-but we’re not special to those who aren’t vegan yet.  So just roll with it. Be cool. Make us all look awesome!

That’s why I’m here to help. I’m asked so many questions from people curious about vegan food. What’s easy to make and pack? How do you get enough protein? Isn’t it hard eating that way? I’m telling you that it’s really not difficult. I’ve made it work quite well for 7 years and currently veganism is so mainstream that the toughest saboteur to a healthy vegan diet is the abundance of animal free junk food we now see everywhere! We can have so much fun with plant-based foods.  It’s like a Food Network challenge to see what plays well together. Very rarely am I not thrilled with my meals. I get creative and I’m focused on protein. Knowing that vegetables and natures candy ( fruits ) have healed my body and make me look like I’m aging in reverse is just an added bonus to not harming animals. Eating Vegan is really a win from every direction! 

The transition can be a bit confusing or overwhelming in the beginning. I’ve heard quite often from people saying similarly ‘when I was vegan I felt really weak and I had no energy’. Well, that doesn’t have to happen if we’re keeping you fueled. I think usually newbies stress so much over what they are cutting out that not enough nutritional variety is going in. Being prepared and having support is going to make a hugely positive transition. I really love nothing more than talking about food. I actually jump up and down when I’m getting all worked up about recipes or something I discovered at the farmer’s market. I want to share what I’ve learned and my passion for living the healthiest life. You can do this right now.

Congratulations on putting your health first. I’m with you all the way.