What are you afraid of?

If you are anything like me your biggest reason for hesitating on making the transition to becoming vegan is based on how others will treat you.  I was very nervous (with good reason) to have attention for being different from the average person.   And because not all of the attention you receive when people discover you went vegan will be supportive.   You'll find that even strangers will tell you multiple things that they feel is wrong with your choice.  It can be uncomfortable and sometimes infuriating but the most important thing is doing what feels right to YOU!   Your choice to be plant-based for your health, for the planet, and for animals  really only affects you (as it should).   The reality is if you want to be vegan, want to be plant based, then letting others opinions hold you back will make you miserable.  If what others see as 'different' is normal to you... well, that's really their problem isn't it ?  You need to be true to yourself and go for it!  Unfortunately you may find that those closest to you- family members and co workers- will be very resentful of you changing your habits.  Maybe not immediately, but at some point in your journey, you will find just as much support as adversity to your lifestyle.  My best advice is to just disengage from all of that nonsense.  Focus on yourself, your reasons and your happiness while being kind and patient with others. Having peace of mind and a happy conscience is totally worth a little bit of negative feedback here and there.  It's been almost eight years as a vegan for me and the general mindset has come so far.  Here are a few things you can say in uncomfortable social situations.

When a host tries to push a meat or dairy based dish on you while insisting you need the protein.*  'I'm sure it's wonderful but I feel great with my food. Thank you for offering'.

When someone insists that being vegan is NOT healthy.*  'Actually, I've never felt better... it's working great for me'!

When someone says they wish they could be vegan but it seems 'so hard'.*  ' There's a little learning curve in the beginning but you get the hang of it just like any health-conscious change you've ever made with your diet.  It's worked out well for me and I can help you with some recipe suggestions'.  And you can direct them to Veggiebluff.com ��  Stay strong.   Be proud of your cruelty-free lifestyle. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android